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Our day-to-day life is mechanical, routine and quite predictable but every once in a while there comes an AHA moment which defines who you are at that point of time and your eyes are opened wide with that revelation.  Similarly there are those “Holy Cow!!” moments which make  you realize that you are now a MOM. Not for today, not for tomorrow but FOREVER. 

These are some of those moments in my life which made me realize-I AM A MOM !

1. The first day when I came back from the hospital and my daughter was sleeping with me, every 3 seconds I kept on getting up to see whether she was still breathing or not. I kid you not, it was a bizarre scene with a zombie like me staring fixedly at my daughter to see her breathing pattern.

2. When the color of my daughter’s poop became the most discussed topic in our household and I caught her puke in my hands so that her outfit doesn’t get spoiled.

3. The day I had gone out for some chores and on coming back to home, my 3 month old who had till then only treated me a source of food (seriously! She would be an angel to everyone else but the moment I held her she would wail for milk) leapt out of her dad’s arms, flashed a brilliant smile and held on to me like I was life itself (without even demanding a feed).

4. When I started hearing Phantom baby cries (you know the kind where you can always hear your baby cry even if she is nowhere near you), ALL THE TIME.

5. When my magazine stash of cosmopolitan and Femina was slowly replaced by piles of Mother & Baby and Child.

6. The first time when I was absolutely alone at home with my daughter who was ill and kept on crying the whole night and yet I managed to keep sane and handled the situation.

7. Every time I have to fill a form for my daughter and write my name under the Parent/Guardian section, I go like “Woah, I am a Mother now!!”

8. Recently when I was feeling quite low, down in the dumps and finding fault with everything about myself, out of the blue my little princess hugged me and said ” I Love you Mamma, you are the best”. I melted into a mush puddle right then and there. Being a mom, has its perks!

9. Every time my daughter fall sick or is hurt, I try behaving unaffected and matter of fact about her illness but my insides are screaming “Oh god, please stop her pain or give it to me but just let my baby smile again”.

10. Each time when I scold my daughter for some mischief and my daughter has this incredulous look on her face which says “How did Mom know? She really must have eyes in the back of her head“.

11. When I saw a little girl who was lost in a busy market (every parent’s worst nightmare) and held the hand of the sobbing, scared girl till her mom found her. All that time, my mind was picturing my daughter in that girl’s place and I was at the verge of crying buckets. Motherhood, I tell you!!

12. Any time I see a film or even an Ad with a mom-child theme my eyes start welling up and I tactfully wipe the tears away before any one sees me.

13. Each time I shoo away a lizard or kill a spider bravely in front of scared daughter even though I am dead afraid to go near those things. 

14. Yesterday when my daughter changed into her PJs all by herself, I felt a knot in my stomach just imagining the day when she won’t need me to do anything for her any more.

15. Every single time I go through her pictures from birth till now and keep thinking “Wow, I really made a human being and a perfect one at that!!”



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