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Organize your office

If you’re reading this post, it’s quite likely that you’re a work at home Mom, just like us, here at The Mom Views! The past few years have seen a sudden boom in the number of work from home Moms. These are women who have left their corporate jobs after a baby, and then realize that they can, in fact, have their cake and eat it too!

When you work from home, you obviously need a dedicated space to work, a.k.a. your home office. If you don’t have one yet, here are a few reasons you should get one ASAP!

  • A dedicated space for work means you are more focused as you enter the ‘work zone’
  • It will be used only for work and won’t get hijacked by other family members
  • All your business-related objects can be stored in one place
  • You get better work-life balance – enter the office at the start of your workday, break for lunch and then leave at the end of the day
  • There are fewer distractions

Now that you have your home office ready, you need to make sure you get the most out of it. Your home office should be a place you love to work in, one that motivates you and is well organized. Speaking of which, here’s some trivia: Did you know that 10th March is ‘Organize your Home Office Day’? Yes, there really is a day like that! To that end, we have listed out organize your home office ideas, so you can get that workspace you always dreamed of!

10 Ways to Organize your Home Office

1.    Wall Shelves

Most of us have very little extra space to spare, and we have to make do with unused corners in our homes for our office. So make the most of vertical space with wall shelves. There are so many kinds available today and you can use them to store your office supplies along with photos or framed quotes. Buy the floating wall shelves by clicking here.

2.    Modular Drawer Systems

These drawer systems have become increasingly popular and are very handy around the house. They’re usually available in plastic and canvas, and this makes them lightweight so they can be moved around. They fit neatly under your desk and come in a variety of colours to brighten up your space! Buy this colourful drawer system here.

3.    Paper Tray Organizers

Even though we can do a lot of things online these days, it is difficult to completely eliminate paper. Documents, bills and receipts may pile up and create clutter. Keep them organized with a multi-tray paper organizer, a must have for desk organization. This is a great way to separate documents according to ‘In’, ‘Out’ or ‘In Progress’. Buy the paper tray organizer now!

4.    Magazine Rack

A lot of us have piles of magazines lying around that we just never get around to reading, or you probably work with print magazines and need to have some issues around your workplace. Invest in a sturdy magazine holder that can hold the weight of a bunch of magazines without toppling over. Avoid flimsy canvas ones and go for wood – they’ll last much longer too. Buy this adorable wall art magazine rack here.

5.    Whiteboard

We all have smartphones where we can set reminders, but sometimes we just need to see it in front of us in black and white, literally! So get yourself a nice big whiteboard and some colourful markers to note down your MITs (Most Important Tasks) for the day, along with an inspiring quote to keep your spirits up as you tick each item off! Buy whiteboard here!

6.    Label Maker

Okay, you’ve got all your boxes and baskets and you’ve filled them up. But how do you know which one holds what? Enter the label maker! This is a very nifty little tool that’s perfect for labelling things in your home office as well as your kitchen pantry and kids’ rooms. Buy Label Maker right here!

7.    Cable Organizer

Some of the messiest areas of our homes are the areas near our computer and TV! When several devices live together in a small space, their cables are bound to get tangled. Get a cable organizer where all the cables have separate slots to make life easier, and prettier! Buy cable organizer here!

8.    Pen Holder

Remember Murphy’s Law about how the ease of finding a pen is inversely proportional to the urgency of its need? You can avoid situations like this with a sturdy pen holder! Have one that is a little larger so you can store all your pens and whiteboard markers in one place, so you’re not hunting around to jot down an appointment. And oh, do get one that’s interesting and gels with your decor theme! Organize your pens now!

9.    Drawer Organizers

For an uncluttered and organized look, it’s best if your worktop is as free as possible, barring maybe a pen holder. So it makes sense to store all the remaining office supplies and desk accessories like staplers, paper clips etc. in your drawers. But to keep from rummaging through them every time, use a divided drawer organizer so that all the small pieces can be kept separate from each other and are easily available when required.

10. Paper Shredder

One of the main steps of organizing your space is getting rid of clutter. Get rid of confidential documents the right way with a paper shredder. You can also recycle the shredded bits as packing material for delicate items or as confetti for your next party!

These are the basic things you’d require to organize your home office. Now that you know there’s a special day dedicated to the task, why don’t you make use of this opportunity to overhaul your home office completely! Most of the items here cost very little, and as for the rest, you can buy them as you go on. Here’s to an organized and productive home office!!



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