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15 Easy Pencil Crafts for Kids

It’s summer and this means vacation for some kids and a short holiday before going back to school, for others. Anyway, everyone’s exams are done with and there’s some free time on hand, so it’s a great idea to bring out some cool art and craft ideas for kids and make sure you use those the craft supplies!

Speaking of supplies, you probably have a lot of pencils left over from the previous academic year, so why not make the most of them? Presenting to you 15 easy pencil crafts that you can make – for pencils, with pencils and using pencils!!

15 Easy Pencil Crafts for Kids

1. Pencil Wiggly Worms

Can something as straight as a pencil, create something wiggly like worms? Yes it can!! These wiggly worms are very cute and are easier than they appear. Use bright colors and make an assortment for your shelf!

2. Pencil Necklace

This is the perfect way to use up pencils that have become too small to hold! Cut color pencils into same sized pieces and string them together for a lovely yet unique piece of jewelry!

3. Pencil Stamped T-shirt

The eraser at the end of the pencil is often ignored, but it can be used to create this pretty stamped T-shirt! You can also do paper artwork with the same technique, if you’re not too sure about trying it on fabric.

4. Pencil Hair Clip

If you have a stationery obsessed little girl at home, she’s sure to love this! You can use any combination of colors and stick it on to either hair clips or hair bands – just ask your princess what she’d like!

5. Pencil Toppers

Pencil toppers can be made with literally anything, but pipe cleaners are probably the easiest! Even a toddler can make these monster-like toppers. Give them some personality with pom-pom balls and googly eyes!

6. Pencil Clock

We know we’re talking about ‘easy pencil crafts’, but we’ve cheated a little as this one requires a little effort and more than a little adult supervision. But it is completely worth the effort and is perfect for a child’s room!

7. Pencil Vase

Similar to the favor box, comes along this easy and very doable pencil vase. Get pencils of the same shape and size and reuse an old jar to make this simple yet pretty gift.

8. Pencil Photo Frame

Want to frame that adorable ‘first day of school’ picture? Make it yourself! Get a new set of identical pencils and a plain frame. Cut and sharpen to size and then stick on embellishments for something that also makes a great gift!

9. Pencil Coasters

Pencils are sturdy little things, and can stand a good deal of heat! Make use of this by making these cute, multicolored pencil coasters, to brighten anyone’s workspace! Great gift for teachers and grandparents!

10. Pencil Letter Templates

If your preschooler is graduating to big-boy or big-girl school, this might be a great craft to make for his or her room. You’ll need to cut the pencils to size first, and then draw the outline of your child’s initial; then guide her as she sticks them to create a one of a kind wall art!

11. Pencil Cupcake Liner Flowers

When the year ends and you want to show your teacher how much you appreciate her help, do it with a cute little gift! Make these lovely flowers with pencils and paper cupcake liners; put them in a cute jar and add a personalized little note for a sure-fire smile on your teacher’s face!

12. Washi Tape Gift Set

There are few of us who can resist the smell of brand new pages and freshly sharpened pencils. Capture this nostalgia into a lovely gift set by decorating notebooks and pencils with matching washi tape!

13. Pencil Favor Boxes

If you’re wondering about goody bags for your next stationery or art themed party, look no further! Make this impressive looking favor box with nothing more than a box, sets of color pencils and a glue gun!

14. Cardboard Pencils

Another one for a pencil party – Cardboard Pencil boxes! You need very basic craft supplies for this craft, and they’re very handy to stuff some stationery pieces and candy. Use different colored and patterned papers for a lively bunch of these boxes!

15. Pencil Shavings Art

How’s this for recycling? You can use pencil shavings, something we throw away without a second thought, and make beautiful art! And you don’t need much more than glue for it too!



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