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Too Many Toys By David Shannon

 Oh, that annoying statement about the batteries not being included. That has got to be the number one reason I can’t stand battery operated toys, apart from the racket they create.

If you are drowning in a sea of plastic, (battery operated or otherwise) and are at your wit’s end, here’s a book that understands exactly how you feel. ‘Too Many Toys’ is written by the hilarious and super talented David Shannon, who is also the author of the naughty ‘No, David!’ book.

Title: ‘Too Many Toys’

Author: David Shannon

Spencer is a boy who could be anywhere between 3 and 10 years of age. His specialty, if you can call it that, is that he has heaps and heaps of toys, and he plays with ALL of them, often invading the entire house.

Every imaginable kind of toy is featured in this delightful little book, and kids will love identifying the individual toys that Spencer has. Every illustration is extremely detailed, and more than half the fun in reading this book is in looking at all the little details hidden in the pictures.

Kids are sure to enjoy picking out their favorite among Spencer’s toys, but what about the parents? You’re definitely going to relate to poor Spencer’s Dad who has had the misfortune of stepping on Lego.

Or to Spencer’s Mom, tripping over all the thingamajigs on the floor:

The funny part here is that, even if this deluge of toys causes pain/annoyance to his parents, Spencer remains unperturbed through it all. He continues his adventures, which aren’t exactly limited to the playroom.

Cub loved, loved this book!! We always say that he has ‘too many toys’, and he thought it was really funny to be the title of a book!

The prose is very simple, and even the youngest child will enjoy it. There’s only a sentence per page, with the focus being on the illustrations.

 This book really helps a kid to gain some perspective on the quantity of toys he has, by looking at it from a third person’s point of view. Everyone agrees that we’re raising a consumerist generation, who just can’t get enough of ‘stuff’. When we were young, birthdays and festivals were toy buying occasions, but nowadays every trip to the mall warrants something new. Every situation is touched upon in the book, even those little cars you get with kiddie burgers, or the mad craze of birthday party and return gifts.

Recommended for every child and parent, regardless of whether you guys are toy hoarders or not! Every time you see a scene like this

And go like this

You can remember that you’re not alone, and some other Mom on the other side of the world is dealing with the exact same situation.

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