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disciplinary methods for kids

Discipline is society’s way of teaching children the moral behaviour approved by the social group.

In discipline there are three elements the rules and laws which serve as guidelines for approved behaviour, punishment for violations of rules and laws and rewards for behaviour.

Normally there are three types of disciplinary methods used by the parents in early childhood which you will be also familiar and everybody can connect with it and experienced it.


The first one is authoritarian which we can say the traditional form of discipline and is based on old saying that to spare the rod means spoiling the child. In this type of discipline parents establish rules and informs childrens that they are expected to follow them and why they should conform to it nor there is no attempts made to explain the children. Here the children do not get opportunities to express their opinions about the rules. In this type of parenting style children may appear overly obedient in presence of adults but aggressive in peer relationships.


This technique says that the children would learn from the consequences of their acts how to behave in socially approved way. Here the children are not taught the rules, they are not punished for breaking the rules nor they are rewarded for socially approved behaviour. The children are given freedom to behave in any manner and face the consequences. These children’s seem to be careless about their behaviour and become more selfish disregarding the rights of others.


This type of discipline emphasizes the rights of the child to know why the rules are made and given opportunity to express their opinions if they believe the rule is unfair. Here the child is made to understand the meaning of rules and the reasons the social group expects them to abide by them. Here the children learn to restrain behaviour they know is wrong and becomes more considerate to the rights of others.



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