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Diwali special for your Kids

Diwali is one of the most beautiful Festivals of India and this year the festival of Lights, Diwali  is a festival that I have always enjoyed. Ever since my daughter was born this festival has become more revered as daughters are considered to be the avatar of Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and the favorite deity of diwali puja. Living in a nuclear family I feel that it is my duty to celebrate every festival with all its fervor and rituals so that my daughter can carry these memories and traditions with her. I also want to inculcate the knowledge about Diwali in my daughter so I involve in all my Diwali preparations in whatever way I can.

These are my ten tips to make Diwali special for your Kids and how you can teach your children about Diwali celebrations whether they are just babies celebrating their first diwali, toddlers or school going kids.

1. Light it up– Perhaps the most symbolic images of Diwali are the light displays which every house in the neighborhood has. Kids love bright, colored lights and instantly puts them in the mood for revelry. Take help of toddlers and grown up kids in untangling the lights and in hanging them.There is an amazing variety of string lights available out there, so get some and get going.

2. Paint some Diyas- These small earthern lamps with their bright lights look so beautiful. You can buy beautiful, multicolored Diyas in various shapes and sizes but a even better option is to buy plain diyas which are dirt cheap to buy and let your children’s creativity loose on them. Use paints, mirrors, beads, glitter etc to decorate these diyas. Nothing like crafts to bond with kids.

3. Cleaning and decorating- It is an age-old tradition to clean every nook and corner of the house to welcome Goddess Lakshmi with a sparkling home. Although it would be wise to keep kids away from the dust and grime you can always let them know the importance of cleaning and ask them to help you with organizing their closets or toys. You should also include children in diwali decorations like putting up torans, putting flowers and floating candles etc.  Trust me, young children love responsibilities, just give them some.

4. Make Rangoli– Making rangoli is another beautiful custom of Diwali and you can use lots of different materials to make this piece of art in your home. Whether it is the colored rice powder, flowers, colored sand they all can result in gorgeous designs at the entrance of your house welcoming each and every guest.  Looking for some easy patterns? Head here.

5. Buy Gifts- Giving gifts is a part and parcel of the diwali tradition.Every year people are outdoing each other in giving outrageously expensive and luxurious things but in this hustle we somewhere lose our perspective and forget our loved ones especially kids. Just as in Christmas, you can buy small but individual gifts for your kids, wrap them and give them to the kids once the Diwali Puja is done.

6. Fire Works- I know that fireworks are responsible for air and noise pollution and most schools discourage children from burning crackers but I personally feel Diwali is incomplete without some sparklers. But always be careful about the fireworks around children and keep a first-aid box at hand.

7. Books for Diwali- Books can instantly create a connect with children about any topic. If you want to teach your kids about diwali there are many books which are available for this purpose. If you have a baby you can buy MY FIRST DIWALI BOARD BOOK or this TOUCH AND FEEL BOOK ON DIWALI. For older kids you can buy this beautifully illustrated book, LIGHTING THE LAMP-A DIWALI STORY.

8. Create a Tradition- Being a Keralite Catholic I had no idea about Diwali Puja when I married my hardcore Punjabi husband but I made it a point to learn the puja vidhi and today the puja at our house is as traditional as it can get. We all dress up and sit for the pooja and sing the aartis, with my daughter joining in. Creating lifelong rituals like these gives you something to look forward to every year and creates beautiful family memories. If you are looking to learn about the Diwali Puja this can help.

9. Make some delicacies – The way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach and the same is true for kids too. Make them some diwali special delicacies and better still, take help of your kids to make these sweets and savories. My favorite is Coconut Laddoo, it is so simple and quick to make even my two year can help me with making them. Looking for recipes, check out my favorite DIWALI COOKBOOK.

10. Give something back- Diwali is all about spreading the love so teach your children to give back to the society. Lots of charities hold special sales during Diwali season,you can do your diwali shopping from there and also teach your children about the charity. Get some sweets and old clothes of your kids and give them to homeless kids. Sharing and caring is the true spirit of Diwali or any other festival.

What are some of the traditions that you have created in your house for Diwali? I would love to know your suggestions and ideas through your comments.

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