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Decluttering the kitchen is one of the most therapeutic things you can do ever but it is also one of the most tiring chore. So you don’t want to repeat it more than once a year. That is where Kitchen organizers or products that help kitchen organizing easy, come into play.

When you look for kitchen accessories, look for products that maximize cabinet storage space, add convenience to your routine, and make the process of cooking in your kitchen enjoyable. Cabinet organizers are also handy because they not only create space for items but they also make it easier to see what you already have, so you don’t end up with three boxes of cornflour.

Our guest post today by about these kitchen storage ideas and kitchen organizers that save space, make your kitchen efficient and keep your kitchen clutter free all year long.  Take it over Poornima!!

What makes a great kitchen is the way you organize it! I love products that help me keep my kitchen cupboards clutter-free and organized. Over the time I have found some budget and simple products which keep my kitchen running like a well-oiled machine.


Stainless steel racks

Before we purchased these steel racks, we used to have this corner of the kitchen platform with a collection of filled water bottles. These racks, gave them their right place and freed up the kitchen counter. We also keep the rolling pin & wooden board we use to make chapatis on these racks.

The wooden items catch mold if they are placed wet in a closed kitchen drawer so placing them here, helps them dry off.

Helper shelves for crockery

This product was introduced to me by my mom-in-law. She bought it from USA and it is available in stores like Walmart. Unfortunately I have not found a manufacturer in India. However, for people who are getting a modular kitchen can also get these tailor made. The material is same as our fridge shelves. Believe me, they free up so much space. We used to stack up our crockery plates in the shelf. There was so much more space above that but we could not use it properly.

Now, it’s like having two levels in the same shelf and it is something you can remove, relocate and clean easily.

Plastic trays

I got this from local shops. I think they cost Rs 50 each. Generally all of us have some steel trolleys in our kitchen. The best thing to have is drawer separators but they do cost more. I use these small plastic trays to store our quick needed items – straws, tissues, zip lock bags, rubber bands and pins. They fit well into these trolley drawers.

Boxes within a box

We all have a spice box at home for the everyday cooking. I do too. However, there are many more spices which we need regularly but not on a daily basis. I found these cute plastic boxes which hold 100 gms of spice (so, I buy only 100 gm pouches) and then I labelled them and put them in a bigger box.

They are individually closed boxes so you open only the ones you need. Also the big box is kept in the fridge and does not take up much space. It keeps the spice powders fresh and at hand.

Plastic rack for oil containers

How many times have we wiped away the sticky oily marks from our kitchen counters? Well, this was our budget solution. We bought a plastic rack. It’s pretty small and takes up one small corner next to our cooking range. We line it’s shelves with paper and store our oil cans and our ghee dabba here.

For us, there is always more than one oil container. My husband is a vegetarian so any oil used for non-veg is stored separately. Once used oil is also stored separately than the fresh oil. Hence, our need for this pretty rack. It is handy to keep the gas lighter and match box too :)

Microwave stand

This was something suggested by the kitchen decorator. I was not really sure if the stand (which just looks like two iron planks) would support my microwave. See the close up shown in the picture. It’s been four years now and it works fine. The best part is the free space on the counter below the microwave as well as built-in cupboards above the microwave.

Stackable boxes

A square or rectangular box would take up less space than round boxes. Use stackable boxes if possible. We have used the tupperware oval boxes. See the difference in our two cupboards where we have used neat same sized boxes and the other one which has all sizes and shapes. I am planning to buy more of the similar shaped stackable boxes. They look neat and organised and we can see through them to know the contents.

Stainless steel hooks

The stainless steel hooks are great to use. The stainless steel rod next to my kitchen sink holds the soap dispenser, the SS hooks and a cleaning cloth left to dry. The SS hooks hold the sievers which need to be washed immediately after use and are left there itself to dry. Wooden cutting boards also need this so they can also be hung here.

My ever essential scissors are here too along with the grater and the peeler.



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