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How To Choose Glasses For Kids

In our previous post where we talked about EYE CARE TIPS FOR KIDS, we mentioned that by following those steps, you could safeguard your child’s natural eyesight and keep them away from spectacles as long as you can. However, in spite of your best efforts, your child might still need glasses. This isn’t your fault as some kids are genetically predisposed towards vision problems. So don’t blame yourself; just follow our tips to get the perfect pair of glasses for your little one!

 Tips to choose spectacles for kids

1. Fit – First of all, the glasses shouldn’t fall off your child’s face. They should sit snugly on his nose and ears, but they shouldn’t be so tight that they cause line marks on the side of his face or on the bridge of his nose. They should be easy to put on and take off for your child.

2. Pupil Alignment – Your child’s pupil should be aligned with the centre of the lens. This could depend on the size of the frame, the positioning of the temple as well as your child’s facial features. This is the only way to guarantee that your child is getting the right use of his spectacles.

3. Size – Go for frames that aren’t higher than your child’s eyebrows or wider than his face. They should however, cover your child’s eye completely, so that he isn’t looking over or under his glasses. Spring hinges are a good bet for minor size adjustments.

4. Material – You can choose between metal or plastic, although plastic frames are a better bet for kids. Many plastic frames also have the advantage of in built nose bridges which wont’ break off compared to conventional ones on metal frames. As for lenses, it’s best to go with polycarbonate ones to reduce the risk of damage. Anti glare or scratch proof features will take up the price but are worth the extra cost. Consider nickel allergies when going for metal frames.

5. Temples – Temples that are too long will cause the glasses to slide down your child’s nose and he’ll soon start looking over his glasses. Or they might stick out at the back of his head. These days, you also get child friendly temples which circle at the end, coming under the earlobe. If opting for these, go for comfortable materials that won’t irritate the skin. Another option is using a string with loops at the ends, which you can fix on to each temple, so that the glasses don’t land on the ground should they fall off his face.

6. Sports – If your child is seriously into sports or swimming, it is a good idea to invest in sport-specific prescription glasses or goggles. You might need to go to a high end store for this; it is unlikely that regular optical stores sell them. Otherwise, you can opt for an elastic band that is fitted at the end of both temples and goes around the back of the head. This will keep the glasses in place while running.

7. Color and Shape – It’s not just teenagers, even kids these days know what’s ‘in’ and what’s not! Let them choose the color of their new glasses as well as the shape, as long as they fulfill the conditions mentioned above.

Your job doesn’t end with just buying glasses, now you have to teach your child to care for them too!! You can do this even if your child is very young; the sooner they start the better. Here are a few basic tips to keep those new glasses ship shape.

Caring for glasses

1. Put on and take off the glasses with both hands, holding on to the temples.
2. Take off glasses when going to bed or for a bath.
3. Clean them regularly only with the special fabric provided by the optician, and not anything else.
4. Glasses are not a toy; do not play with them. Also, don’t give them to others to wear and don’t wear someone else’s glasses.
5. Go for regular eye check ups.

Most kids will readily wear glasses all the time, but some might find it an unwanted accessory and will try to resist. If your kid falls in the latter category, show them popular spectacle wearers like Spongebob Squarepants or the Minions, whose glasses make them even cooler!

Does your kid wear glasses? How was your experience buying them?

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