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10 New Year Resolutions for Moms

“Resolutions are a wonderful thing if we can keep them, but many resolutions go by the wayside because we have not done anything different with our mindset” – Monica Johnson

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone is geared to make a fresh start in various aspects of their lives. The start of a New Year presents itself as an opportunity to fix our past mistakes and achieve our goals. Most experts suggest making resolutions for each area of our lives, so that our goals have more clarity. These areas often include health, work, spirituality etc., but you’ll agree with me when I say that there should be a separate ‘Mom’ section!

And that’s exactly what we’ve done here – we’ve listed out some resolutions for Moms in this New Year that’re sure to add some value to the lives of both Moms and their kids. History has shown that when it comes to resolutions, doability is of the utmost importance, so you’ll find that the list below doesn’t require any superhuman talents!

10 Resolutions for Moms in 2015

 1. I will read to my child every day

Reading to their kids is something that all Moms claim to love doing, but how frequently are you actually reading to your child? Make it an everyday event, with parents taking turns at naptime or bedtime. Keep a good selection of books at hand, and as your child gets older, consider his choices too. Physical books are perfect, but ebooks are very handy especially when you’re travelling or waiting somewhere, like the doctor’s office.

 2. I will make sure everyone eats a big breakfast

We’d love to have fresh, home cooked and well balanced meals for our family three times a day, but every Mom knows that this isn’t always possible in real life! However, breakfast is one thing that can’t be compromised on, especially when it comes to kids. So resolve to have a large, balanced breakfast everyday, and do the prep work the night before so you’re relaxed in the mornings.

3. I will say ‘No’ when I can’t or don’t want to do something

We’re not talking about saying ‘No!’ to your kids here; you’re probably doing enough of that already! We’re talking about eliminating everything unnecessary from your life. As a Mom, your time is very valuable, and you can’t afford to spend it in idle company or unproductive associations. Such commitments can drain your energy and put you in a negative mental space.

Hairdresser drying woman’s hair with hair dryer after washing.

 4. I will always be well groomed

I was about to say ‘always be well dressed’, but c’mon, we’re talking doable resolutions here! Being a Mom takes up a good part of our day, but it takes very little time to keep ourselves presentable and groomed. Use the right products for your hair and skin and schedule regular appointments for your hair trim, facial, pedicure and other parlor essentials. All it needs is one salon day a month, and a few minutes everyday!

5. I will be tolerant in my speech, thoughts and behavior

We’re living in an immensely intolerant world nowadays, where even the most innocent remark can spark a controversy. In this environment, it is more important than ever to make our kids more tolerant and to respect people as human beings first. And kids learn from us; from every word, every look and every mannerism. It is up to us to be an example for our kids and set the stage for a tolerant tomorrow.

6. I will stop my work day at a specific time every day

Every work at home Mom knows how difficult it is to actually execute this! While working at home has its advantages, blurring work-home lines are a problem for the entire family. Fix specific hours for work, chores and play, and stick to them as far as possible. Soon your kids will learn when you are available to play and when you should not be disturbed. Trust us, this resolution alone will reap huge benefits!

7.  I will plan outings to places other than malls

In urban and even in some rural areas, malls are springing up almost overnight! This does have its conveniences, but it also means that our kids are part of a generation that can’t think of an outing that doesn’t involve a mall visit. Take them out to parks, local fairs, museums and the likes, based on their age and interest. While they might resist initially, they’ll soon be able to appreciate life outside the air conditioned environs of a mall.

8. I will focus on reusing and recycling

Speaking of malls, our kids are growing up in a world of scary consumerism. They have about ten times the toys and gadgets we had as children and it’s only getting worse. Cut down on the buying and spending and try to focus on reusing and recycling old stuff. There are some valuable lessons to be learnt here, improvisation and frugality being among them.

9. I will schedule downtime for me and my kids

We know that too much work isn’t good for anyone, but too much play isn’t either! Everyone needs some downtime to just let their brains rest – and this applies to Mommy too! It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of everyday stuff, so this downtime needs to be scheduled into your day. Just laze around, let the kids draw and you can browse through a magazine; a great way to recharge everyone’s batteries!

10. I will be happy with a home that is clean enough

For the Monica Gellers out there, don’t worry about your home being spotless. Too much clutter contributes negative energy, so be sure to have the basics in place – empty kitchen sink and clean countertops, clothes folded and put away, beds made and floors visibly clean. You can deal with the rest when you have an extra holiday or something. Unless you’re inviting Martha Stewart over to your home!

Not a very difficult set of resolutions, is it? They’re perfectly doable and achievable for every Mom, wherever she may live. And you don’t have to try to do them all at once! Identify the area of your life which requires the most improvement and build on from there. With time, you’ll achieve a great balance although you’ll have to be prepared for days when it looks like everything is topsy turvy! Keep at it and you’ll do great – Happy New Year!!

Do you have any Mom resolution that isn’t in our list?

Which of these would you be including in your life this year?

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