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7 Ways To Add Color And Personality To Your Living Room

Remember that song?

“Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar, kisiko dekhna ho gar,

toh pehle aake maangle teri nazar meri nazar”

This is how I feel every time I look at my house. It’s not just a brick and mortar structure for me, it’s a dream that me and my husband saw when we had just got married. A home where we have enough space for our dreams, our visions and our life. A home which is decorated in a simple yet tasteful way that both of us like.

That’s how I have tried to decorate my space ever since I moved to our present house, 3 years ago. As they say, decorating a house is never done, it’s always a work in progress. So I keep purchasing knick-knacks and make a few changes here and there to keep the house looking beautiful. But the one thing I am very mindful about is the budget and I never like to spend too much money on design and decor.

So recently when I felt that my living room was lacking color and personality, I was itching to do a makeover for it and yet I didn’t want to go bonkers and spend a lot of money on the project. That’s when I saw the new advertisement for the Home Store where anything and everything related to home decor was available and the best part was that it catered to every budget!

So, I set myself a budget of Rs 5000/- and went about browsing for products at the Flipkart home store that would make my living room pop and have a unique personality without breaking my budget! Ready to see how I did that in 7 simple and budget friendly ways?

7 Ways To Add Color And

Personality To Your Living Room

1. Choose a color scheme

This step costs nothing but is one of the most important one! If you want to add color to any room, you have to first decide on a color scheme. Since my couch and curtains are in neutral color i.e. beige I could go wild with colors for the accessories and show pieces. However, if you have a printed or colorful couch or curtain, then go for a monochromatic color scheme.

I decided to use the 60:30:10 rule in which you basically add 60% of a dominating color; orange in our case, 30% of a complimentary color; fuchsia pink and 10% of an accent color for which I chose teal blue. We had painted a focus wall in a bright, cheery yellow color a few months ago which went brilliantly with this color scheme. The rest of the walls had a neutral beige color.

I was not sure whether I would get everything I wanted in these colors but the Flipkart home store exceeded my expectations. Every piece I liked, the store would show me more options in various colors and I found just the right pieces, in just the right colors!

2. Add a throw to the sofa

I have plain beige sofas in luxurious yet simple jute fabric that are definitely classic but also a bit boring. I have always wanted to add a throw to the main sofa which not only adds a dash of color to the sofa but is also the perfect accessory when you are watching movies with your family and want to snuggle on the couch.

This burnt orange throw I bought from the Flipkart home furnishing range is soft, light and just the right color for my sofa, see how it instantly brightens up my couch!

3.  Get a kitschy, colorful showpiece

An instant way to impart personality to any room is by placing a kitschy and attention grabbing element in the room. For our living room I chose this funky steel kettle in a bright orange hue. The paisley design and the hand painted accents just lend a charming pizzaz and everyone has been complimenting me for this addition to our room!

4. Place a runner

Our centre table is an old and not so trendy piece of furniture but since I have not found the right piece to replace it yet, I am thinking of innovative ways to make this look nice. The easiest way to do this was by placing a teal blue runner on the table and keeping some knick knacks on the centre.

5. Books are your best friends

Books definitely add personality to the room and can even be conversation starters when you have guests at home. However, I didn’t want to add a bookshelf to the space as the living room is not very big and adding tall furniture would cut the visual space and clutter the room.

Instead, I decided to buy these quirky moustache bookends which can be placed anywhere and perk up the room!

6. Cushions to the rescue

If you are on a budget and want to makeover any room, just buy new cushion covers! That’s it! They will add color, personality, warmth and a new element to your room in an instant. Buying cushion covers from an endless amazing range that Flipkart has, was a real challenge but thankfully they let you filter out your requirements on basis of colors, material, prints, size and even number of covers per package.

I bought these colorful, printed cushion covers which add a lot of spunk to my neutral sofa. The cushion cover range is amazing to say the least and I bet you will find the perfect ones for your house as well.

7. Frame that photo

Long time readers are familiar with my photo wall and as you can see, we recently shifted the photo frame to our living room. To be honest, it is an instant conversation generator because people love seeing family pictures and I am always adding more photos to the frame.

But, the opposite wall has a television and no pictures. Sad isn’t it? So, I finished off my home decor purchase with an orange photo frame which matches the throw and will balance out the color scheme. Added a recent picture of our family to it and it looks just perfect!

If I liked my living room before, I am utterly, completely and madly in love with it now! I feel like the room is now more of a reflection of us and our style. All this in Rs 5000/-!! Sounds like a dream right? But thanks to Flipkart home store it is a reality for me and I am planning to do a makeover for my office space next! Keep watching this space for it!



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