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How to Make Homemade Playdough

I thought that since there were SO many recipes floating around internet on how to make homemade playdough, almost everyone must know about it. But the last time I told a group of friends that I make our own playdoh at home, they were surprised and wanted to know how to make playdough at home. That got me thinking that may be there are some readers who have missed out on reading about Homemade Playdough and that is why I am sharing the recipe I use the most for play doh.

Play doh is just an integral part of most kids art and craft activities and is a versatile medium for sensory play. To be honest it is so easy, fast and not to mention cheap to make your own play dough that I feel everyone could make it on their own.

I want to declare in the beginning only that the batch of playdough we made is not edible since it is made using acrylic colors. But if you want to make edible playdoh and understandably so if you have a toddler at home then all you need to do is to use food coloring instead of acrylic colors. So here is our recipe for making homemade playdoh.


What you need

1 Cup Flour (Maida)

1/4 Cup Salt

1 Cup Hot Water

2 Tablespoon Vegetable oil

3 Teaspoons White vinegar

Acrylic Colors (or Food coloring if you want edible playdough)

How to Make

For one colored batch of playdough, put all the ingredients in a saucepan except the color and keep stirring. The moment you feel the playdough is getting a bit solid, add in the color. Acrylic colors really make the playdoh pop but food coloring is just as vibrant.

Now once the dough starts to feel a bit thick take it out on a kitchen board and start kneading it like any other dough. In about a minute or so you should be able to get the perfect texture for the playdoh. You can let the kids take over the kneading part which I am sure they will enjoy a lot.

Just repeat the same for each color and you can get a whole batch of homemade playdoh. If kept refrigerated in an airtight container you can use these for weeks. Hardly took me 10 minutes to make my batch of playdough and it was so much fun for my daughter.

Simple and sweet! Isn’t it? So next time your kids are getting bored, whip up a batch of your homemade play dough and let them use it any art and craft ideas for kids. This is what my little kiddo made for me. A  little kitten and an adorable penguin! Awwww!  Aren’t they cute?

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