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Father’s Day Printable Card- All about my dad

When you have known someone long as I have known my husband (6 years) and you have seen their transformation from a young carefree boy to an involved, hands-on and loving husband and father- you stop and count your blessings.  It is indeed a blessing to have a partner who is as committed to your kids as you are. This morning when I saw my husband getting my daughter ready for her summer camp even before I was out of bed, I realized that I chosen the right prince charming.

So this father’s day me and the daughter have all kinds of plans to make him feel special. One of the gifts we have lined up for my husband this Fathers day is an “all about my dad” card. It was meant to be a surprise but I guess it won’t be once it is published here because my husband is a reader of the blog (an avid one at that!) so I guess we will have to keep the other gifts more secret.

I saw a lot of printables on the internet for Father’s day but I saw some versions of “All about my dad” and really liked them so that is why I made my own.  It is a printable “All about my Dad” father’s day card and you can get your little one to fill it out and then frame it as a gift to your husband And of course for my lovely readers it is absolutely FREE to download. 

I think it is adorable to see the dads from their kids’ perspective and I can bet it will bring a tear or two to even the most stoic dad around. Besides some questions about the dad there is also space for the kids to draw their picture with their daddy. So yeah more mush!!

Check out what Sunil wrote about her dad! She wrote some of it with her own hand but for most I had to help her with the spellings and hold her hand for the alphabets.

It is so heartening to see how your child looks at her dad. When I asked her how tall her dad is, her eyes grew wide and she said “very very tall, mamma” and then her next question was “will I be as tall as him?” . She doesn’t have the concept of weight except heavy or light so she invented her dad’s weight as 51 lacs kgs and I am sure her dad won’t mind.

She drew a picture of her and her dad standing in a park and her dad is holding his doctor’s bag. Trust me her father doesn’t have spiky hair but this is how she draws short hair and can you see how she has drawn her super long hair , because she is Rapunzel in her mind. We had so much fun doing this and I am sure my husband will also love it.




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