15 Valentines Day Crafts, Gifts and Printables for Kids

15 Valentines Day Crafts, Gifts and Printables for Kids
15 Valentines Day Crafts, Gifts and Printables for Kids

It’s the season for love! Valentines day is around the corner. Even though we don’t make a lot of fuss about Valentine’s day in our family, it is difficult not to get struck by cupid during this mushy season.

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For Sam, Valentine’s day is a great way to make lots of crafts and gifts for all her favorite people. And where do I look for Valentine’s day ideas for crafts, gifts and printables, but the internet. When I struck gold, I had to share it with all my lovely readers.

The best part is that most of these Valentine’s Day ideas for kids do not need a lot of craft supplies, skills or time. There is a whole range of ideas here from the ultra simple ones to the awesomely cute ones.

Pick one or two which you like, from each category and get started now to make your valentine’s day special with your kids.

15 Valentine’s Day Crafts, Gifts and Printables for kids 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids


1. A 3D photo card plus a lollipop from

2. Pencil toppers made from pipe cleaners via

3. Adorable candy boxes made from matchboxes via

4. A heart key chain from the fabulous Poornima and her blog

5. Butterfly valentine with lollipop from

Valentine’s Day Printables for kids


6. Printable Valentine cards via

7. Valentine bookmarks from

8. Googly eyes printable for Valentine’s Day via

9. Valentine’s day cute printable from my friend and awesome mommy blogger

10. Pencil holder printable for kids via

Valentine’s Day Cards 


11. Melted crayon heart card from the amazing

12. Tissue paper heart card from

13. Fish valentines from

14. Handprint valentine cards from

15. Hug Cards made out of Cereal boxes from

Do you have any Valentine’s Day Ideas on your blog or ones that you would like to guest post here with? 

Let me know through the comments below.