15 Mother’s Day Crafts and DIY Gift Ideas

15 Mother’s Day Crafts and DIY Gift Ideas
15 Mother’s Day Crafts and DIY Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it is the one day when MOM gets to take the centerstage. The rest of the year mom might be in a whirlwind taking care of the kids, wiping their noses, kissing their boo boos, feeding them, running after them, playing with them and so on and so forth. But this one day we all deserve to put our feet up and enjoy our life as a Mom.

 Motherhood is like an adventure of a lifetime and Mother’s day reminds us how much we have to be thankful for and how blessed we are for having these little angels in our life. All those cute I love you mom notes, cards, drawings, scribbles are just precious and to be treasured for ever.

Kids love to make mother’s day cards and handmade gifts for their moms and that is why we have collected these 15 mother’s day crafts and DIY gift ideas for you to help your kids to make for you or their grandmothers. These are not just art and craft activities with kids but a great way to bond especially on this Mother’s day.


Mother’s Day Crafts


Cupcake flower bouquet from

A photo booklet for mom from

Beautiful Mother’s day

“I love you this much”

An Ice Cream Stick Pen stand by our very own

This thumbprint card made by Samaira for her grandparents’ anniversary will also look cute as a Mother’s day card.

Although we made these as Christmas ornaments, kids can make saltdough pendants for moms using this post.

Handprints are a favorite with moms and you can’t go wrong with this .

Looking for some crafts for kids that will also make awesome mother’s day gift ideas, don’t worry we have you covered! Whether you are a dad wanting to make a sweet gesture by helping your kids to make some mother’s day gifts or as a mom you want to honor your own mother by making Mother’s day gifts with your kids, all these mother’s day ideas are fabulous. Kids are going to  love making these homemade Mother’s day gifts for mom.



Mother’s day can also be a day of pampering with this simple but effective

A with pictures of the kids- Which mom isn’t going to love this?

I don’t know about you but I am definitely making these for my garden with my daughter soon.

What can be easier and cuter than this !!

I can’t get over how awesome this looks!

– Need I say more!!

– Elegant and classic.

How did you like our pick of Mother’s day ideas? What is your favorite craft idea to celebrate Mother’s day with your kids? If you have done a craft or have a cool DIY gift idea to share with the world don’t forget to link it in the comments.