10 Ways to use Printposters.in Chalkboard Wall Decals

10 Ways to use Printposters.in Chalkboard Wall Decals
10 Ways to use Printposters.in Chalkboard Wall Decals

My daughters don’t have any Chalkboard in her classroom! Can you believe that?? Her school uses a whiteboard and a variety of multimedia resources etc for teaching and I think it is a great way to make teaching interactive and exciting for kids. But I just feel a little nostalgic thinking about the old days when we used to have a chalkboard in the class and what fun it was to scribble endlessly on the blackboard.

I was considering using Chalkboard paint to create a blackboard but wasn’t convinced about it. Thanks to our lovely sponsor I got a chance to bring the chalkboard to my daughter’s life with their Chalkboard Roll Wall decals. I have used this decal in a number of ways around the house and I wanted to share how you can use this wonderful product in your house too.



About the product

Kidocent has an extensive range of Wall decals and Wall stickers for kids rooms. They have an amazing variety of vinyl decals which you can use as wall art too.

This Self adhesive Blackboard creates a  blackboard out of any flat surface. No use of glue required and no peeling of paints

Simply cut to desired size and shape and apply to doors, walls and cupboards. Kids can enjoy writing on the walls at home or just use it to display the menu in your kitchen or as a notice board in your workplace or in a classroom as a blackboard or make amazing shapes to attract the attention of kids in nursery’s /kindergarten or simply draw and make designs. It can be used in multiple places as per your requirement in size and shapes.


Dimensions:  This role is large in size measuring as follows:

CMS45 200
Feet1.47 6. 56

The package also includes a 5 piece chalk set. Simply, write on the Blackboard and clean with a damp cloth……..

Price Rs 1999/-

Our experience


I was so excited about this roll because my daughter like all kids loves to write on the walls. I have to keep a hawk like eye to prevent her from creating masterpieces on the wall. But thanks to these decals I can let her go wild on the walls with the chalk.

The decal roll has a peel back sticker which is easy to remove and can be stuck on any plain surface like wood, wall, cupboards etc. What I really like is that the back side of the decal has a grid for guidance which makes it very easy to measure and cut out various shapes.


It is quite simple to stick it on any surface but it won’t stick well on textured surfaces. If any air bubbles form when you stick the decal you can use a credit card to scrub away the bubbles. These are also removable and won’t leave a stain on the wall.

You can easily wipe away the chalkboard with a damp cloth and the five colored chalks which come in the pack are great to get the kids started.

Like I promised here are

10 ways to use these awesome Chalkboard Wall decals.

1. An Instant Blackboard for Kids 

The best use of course is as a blackboard for little children. I cut out the roll into two rectangles and stuck it on the cupboard and we have an instant blackboard. My daughter has been a great time playing teacher and scribbling on the blackboard, wiping away and writing again.


2. A to-do list 

I stuck a rectangle piece of the Chalkboard on the side of our pantry and it has been so useful for us. Every time me or any other member of the family notices that something needs to be bought for the kitchen we just write it on the LIST. Whenever we make a trip to the grocery store we get everything on the list and wipe it off to start afresh!


3.   A Message Board 

I cut out a piece of Chalkboard in the shape of an envelope and stuck it on the refrigerator as a message board. This serves as a great platform for writing down those phone numbers or messages when you can’t find a pen or paper.


4. Kitchen labels 


I love using these as chalkboard labels because you can keep reusing them again and again. If you refill the bottles with something different just wipe away the name and write the new one.


5. For labeling containers 

I use a tie-box as a upcycled pen stand for my work table.  I cut out a piece for the pen stand and write cute messages to cheer me while I am working.


6. Use it as a weekly calendar 

You can organize your busy schedule with this chalkboard calendar. It is also easy to write, wipe and rewrite any changes that might happen during the week.


7. For cute messages in your child’s lunchbox

You can use this decal inside your child’s lunchbox and write a cute note for your kid so that the lunch time is even more special for them.


8. Chalkboard coasters as place settings

If you like to have lot of formal dinners then you can stick these decals on coasters and use them as place settings.


9. As Wall Art 

Take a pretty frame and stick chalkboard decal inside and there you have it- a Chalkboard wall art. You can scribble quotes or words of wisdom to make it even more customized.


10. As container labels

If you have more than one child you can use these decals for labeling their toys, clothes, stationery etc. separately.


We are having a great time using these Chalkboard decals. What about you? Have you used Chalkboard in your house in any way? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences through the comments below.