10 Ways Kids Can Learn To Tell Time

Black and White Cartoon Illustrations of Clock Face Telling Time Educational Worksheet for Children

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” – Theophrastus

Toddlers understand the concept of time in terms of their daily activities – after dinner, before my bath. But once your munchkin has started school, she understands the use of a clock and how people plan their day around it. This is probably when she starts asking about how to tell time from a watch. If she can count to 60, consider her ready!! If you’re wondering where to start, here are some tools to help you and your child learn to tell time.

Black and White Cartoon Illustrations of Clock Face Telling Time Educational Worksheet for Children


1. What’s the Time?

This is a very basic, simple video that is more geared towards teaching beginners the progression of the hours. It’s good for kids who’re just starting out to tell time.

2. Nellie and Ned

Ned thinks telling the time is tricky, so Nellie tries to make it simple. This is a fun video that explains the concept of time telling in an easy manner. Part 1 looks at the hours and Part 2 tackles the minutes.


This is a fun book illustrating the concept of time in different contexts. Kids are sure to love the relaxed style of writing along with the comic-book style pictures.

This is a great workbook that is perfect for beginners to telling time. It’s got lots of relevant activities and even a help section for parents.


This is a very well designed little clock with movable hands and bright colors. The hours and minutes are marked separately and the clock hands have little slots in them to show the current time. A great tool for beginners.


This toy is a bit on the expensive side, but it is too cute to resist! Telly has two modes – ‘Quiz Game’ and ‘Tell Time’ which help kids learn to tell time while playing.



This is a good looking app that comes in both free and paid versions. The graphics are attractive and easy to understand. It also teaches 24 hour clocks and AM-PM conversions.


This is a really cute app, with a lovely design and music. It’s interactive and easy for kids to understand, with multiple levels.




Once your little one has got a basic idea of telling the time, you can help strengthen his understanding with these worksheets. They have sheets to write down the time by looking at clocks and as well as ones where you draw hands on the clock according to the time.



This is a great list of some really unique activities for kids who’ve just learnt to tell time. There’s quite a variety here with crafts, games and printables.

Do consider your child’s interests when choosing a time teaching method, or else you’ll both be tearing your hair out!! The right tool can make learning a fun task and your little champ will be so proud when he’s able to read the clock by himself!

How did you teach your child to tell the time? Did you use any of these tools?