10 homemade gifts for teachers

10 homemade gifts for teachers

A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops- Henry Adams

5th of September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India and it is a day to honor the people who help shape the lives of our little children. Although I think  no gift can ever demonstrate the amount of appreciation for the hard work our teachers put in for our kids, these simple, frugal and homemade gifts will definitely express the thought. AND REMEMBER IT IS THE THOUGHT WHICH COUNTS!! You can do these simple crafts with your kids and that will make them extra special for the teacher too.


1. Every teacher who has to spend her days with demanding and mischievous kids will surely appreciate this homemade sugar scrub with natural ingredients. A great pick-me-up for the hard-working teacher.

2. A Thumb Print card

This cute finger print card that Samaira made for her grandparents will also be a great hit with teachers. How can a card made by toddler’s thumbprints not be adorable?

3.  Teachers love to read right? What can be more heartfelt than saying thank you with a monogrammed bookmark.

4. Teachers nurture our kids with love and care so that they can bloom into their best. A planter with herbs or house plant is a great gift for a teacher which will always remind them of their students’ love.

5. These might take some time to put together but look how pretty! The teacher can put her class’s yearly photograph in the frame for her everlasting memory.

Some more ideas

Some scrapbook paper and glue is all you need for these chic binder clips and every teacher would love to show them off.

Teachers need Clipboards. But clipboard decorated with fancy paper is a necessity.

Again just recycle some cardboard, craft paper, scrapbook paper and voila a unique sticky note holder is ready for the teacher to pass out all those important memos.

If a cup of coffee is your kids’ teacher’s favorite beverage then this monogrammed mug is absolutely perfect for them.

You knew that all those magnet alphabet letters that you had saved would get used someday right?? This vase will not only upcycle them but also convert them into a beautiful gift for a wonderful teacher.

I hope you are able to take a few ideas from here and make this special day of your child’s teacher a most memorable one.

If you have any ideas or have made a gift for your child’s teacher then don’t forget to comment or link below.