10 Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Activities

It’s Mother’s Day!!!! Celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day falls on 11th May this year. This is a holiday that originated in America and was made official by Woodrow Wilson in 1914; which means that 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day!!


While commercialization has hit Mother’s Day in India just as it has influenced every other celebration, the world is gradually waking up and moving towards home made cards and cakes. But more than anything, the most valuable gift is time – quality time with your little one, precious time with your own mother. While other gifts will be received with a lot of love, it’s the memories of your time together that will be treasured forever.

So, on the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, here are 10 ideas for you to celebrate – both with your child as well as with your Mom. We’ve split it up for each category, but you can of course mix and match and create your own unique event for all three generations!! And don’t be mean; be sure to include siblings in the plan, she’s their Mom too!


5 Mother’s Day Activities to do with your Mom


1. Snuggle over old photos

Moms love looking at how their kids have grown and changed over the years. Dig out the old albums and relive the milestones in both your lives. You’ll be reminded how valuable she is to you and she’ll love going over the good times again. This might also be a good time to decide if any of them need to be framed or rejuvenated.

2. Go on a parlor visit

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t feel fresh and beautiful after a parlor visit and when you have company, it’s double the fun!! Be sure to book in advance and choose a nice place so that she’ll feel pampered. Go the whole hog, starting with a hair spa and all the way down to a foot massage.

3. Whisk her on a Weekend Away

Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, it’s easy to convert it into a weekend celebration. Take your Mom to a place she’s always wanted to go, somewhere not too far, so that it doesn’t become a chore. Plan every single thing in advance – travel, tickets, stay etc. so that there is absolutely no tension when you travel. Choose a place depending upon her personality – resort, beach, or a city known for its flea markets. Even if you don’t want to stay overnight, make it a day trip to a place not frequently visited, but of her interest.

4. Have a Movie Date

This could actually be a day at the mall; watch a movie, have some junk food at a popular joint, roam around, window shop and play some games at the arcades. This is great for Moms who just want to relax and not take too much effort!

5. Wardrobe Revamp

 Many Moms take it easy on their wardrobes and give priority to comfort over style as they grow older. While this makes sense, it doesn’t hurt to spice things up a bit. Spend the day pulling out everything in your Mom’s wardrobe, trying out things and making a new shopping list. It is quite likely that your Mom will have some sentimental pieces with lovely stories accompanying those memories.


5 Mother’s Day Activities to do with your child


1. Sort through his baby photos

Most kids can’t believe they looked like that when they were born!!! You can start with your pregnancy photos and then move on to his baby pics – crawling, standing, walking, first birthday etc. They’ll enjoy looking at everyone hovering over the new baby!!! If you have more than one child, take turns so that there are no tantrums!

2. Go on a coffee date

 Take your little one and go on a coffee date to a nice little café, when it’ll not be too crowded. Let him order whatever he wants, grown up style. While you wait for your beverages and as you sip them, focus your complete attention on him and let him lead the conversation. Try people watching and both of you can have fun making up stories about them, à la Sherlock Holmes!

3. Bake a cake together

Find the simplest recipe you can, since kids might not have the patience for a complicated one. Baking together is a lovely way for Moms to bond with kids and they love it when their help is requested in fetching ingredients, pouring and stirring. Of course, decorating with sprinkles and chocolate chips is literally the icing on the cake!!!

4. Go shopping

This isn’t your usual shopping excursion – the catch here is that you choose clothes for each other. Your little bub chooses an outfit for you and you choose one for her and both of you have to wear it too!! Make it an entire outfit, with clothes, footwear and jewelry; who knows, you might have a budding stylista on your hands!!

5. Beach Trip/Park Picnic

This is an activity similar to the coffee date, but here involve your child in preparation as well. This might be better suited when you have more than one child and slightly older ones as well, so that the trip doesn’t turn out to be an exhausting exercise in planning.

As you can see, quite a few of these can include you, your Mom and your child, so that you can all have a whale of a time together. Do stay away from your phone other than to attend an emergency call; it is after all, a Sunday too! Don’t forget to click pictures, so that you can all look at them later and smile over the wonderful time you had together!! Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you ever done any of these activities before? Which one did you do?